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Notice of Privacy

The Responsible for the treatment of your collected Personal Data is SOBLUSI.COM, with email:

The purpose of collecting your personal data is to improve the flow of information between SOBLUSI.COM and its clients, in order to be in constant development of the goods and services offered by us.

Your rights as the owner of the information collected are: TO KNOW, UPDATE, RECTIFY AND EXCLUDE SUCH INFORMATION FROM OUR DATABASE.

To learn about your rights, the tools you have to protect them and the commitments that SOBLUSI.COM has with you, we invite you to review the Information Treatment Policies available on our website in the Privacy Policies tab.

Data processing policy:

Personal data processing policy

To provide you with the best service experience, we need to ask you for some of your personal data in order to keep you updated on the products and services we sell, the arrival of new products and promotions that may arise.

The handling of your personal data will be carried out following the guidelines of Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 and Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, from which we have prepared these Policies for the Treatment and Protection of Personal Data, hereinafter Policies:

Your personal data will be collected through: Registration to our website

The Responsible for the Treatment of your Personal Data is SOBLUSI.COM


Through the contact us on our website:

SOBLUSI.COM will always require express authorization from its clients to collect their personal data, which we will keep for your verification when you deem it necessary. Your rights as the owner of your Personal Data are:

Right to request proof of your authorization to collect your personal data

Right to Know your personal data that we have collected by any means.

Right to update your personal data at any time.

Right to rectify your personal data that is inaccurate, incomplete or fractioned

Right to exclude your personal data from our Databases

Right to revoke the authorization of the use of your personal data, unless there is a legal or contractual duty to remain in the SOBLUSI.COM database

Right to know the use of your personal data and if any modification is made to it.

You can submit queries or claims to the Controller at any time for the exercise of your rights, through the means of contact set out above, attaching a copy of your identity document. If the query will be made through a third party, you must prove that you have authorized them to do so.

Queries must be resolved by the Responsible within a maximum term of 10 business days, from the date of receipt of the query. If due to the nature of the query it cannot be resolved within that term, the Responsible Party will inform the holder of the reasons for the delay and will indicate the date on which the query will be resolved, which may not be more than 5 business days, following the expiration date. of the first term.

These policies come into force as of February 27, 2022, and will be in force during the existence of SOBLUSI.COM. The validity of the database will be until the purpose that justifies its treatment persists.